10 Adorable Turtles Which Will Prove Reptiles Can Be Cute


Reptiles can be cute as well. Here are 10 adorable turtles which will gladly prove it for you 🙂 Our Mashbox team is melting 🙂 Have a look!

1) Hellooo, world!

(c) pinterest.com

2) Digging mission in progress…

(c) instagram.com

3) That suspicious look…

(c) vurtual.tumblr.com

4)  Big world ahead!

(c) mysimplyamazinglife.tumblr.com

5) Dancer’s soul  🙂

(c) twitter.com

6) Boooooh!

(c) buzzfeed.com

7) Resting after hard swimming day…

(c) eltrolleydenieves.blogspot.co.at

8) I believe I can fly!

(c) pinterest.at

9) Mom’s protection.

(c) LMAO Animal Pics

10) Omnomnom!

(c) thoughtswriter.hubpages.com

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