10 Animals Perfectly Caught At The Right Moment


 Here are 10 perfectly timed animal photos that capture perfect and usually funny moments that come and go with a blink of the eye. Our Mashbox team was laughing a lot 🙂

1) What do you mean you forgot trampolin?!

(c) smash.com

2) A little bit higher jump next time and I will get you!

(c) Kemal Selimovic

3) Shut. Up.

(c) zapilili,ru

4) Sand shower time!

(c) zapilili.ru

5) I guess I am drunk.

(c) honesttopaws.com

6) Omnomnom

(c) imgur.com

7) Focus, focus! Target is approaching…

(c) reddit.com

8) Yawning clones

(c) reddit.com

9) I am still mad, but you can kiss me…

(c) boredpanda.com

10) OMG! Seriously?!

(c) 1badblogger.wordpress.com

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