10 Cats Proving Their Emotions Are Priceless


Cats are very beautiful and smart. Sometimes they behave like we do 🙂 Here are 10 examples of their priceless mimics. Have a look!


1) OMG!

(c) rexiecat

2) What do you mean the rest time is over?

(c) reddit

3) That wasn’t me!

(c) rireenboite.com

4) Listen, man, don’t go there! It’s very dangerous!

(c) orochiricorociri

5) Dear God, send me some tasty meat, please! I was a good cat!

(c) buzzfeed.com

6) Phewww!

(c) catsonweb

7) I am suspicious…

(c) pinterest.at

8) Save your soul, human! Run!

(c) atchoumthecat.com

9) Leave me in peace!

(c) pinterest.at

10) Hoba!

(c) pinterest.at

Preview: cutestpaw.com

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