10 Incredibly Clear Waters To Help You Find Inner Peace


Sometimes all it takes to find your inner peace is to be next to (or in:) ) crystal clear waters for few minutes/hours/days. Here are the 10 places from our Mashbox team, where you can do it 🙂

1) Cayo Coco, Cuba

(c) cleanerconfessions.com

2) La Maddalena Archipelago, Sardinia

(c) tofino.com

3) The Maldives

(c) maldivesholidayoffers.com

4) Cook Islands (Rarotonga)

(c) journeystocome.com

5) Cala Macareletta, Spain

(c) pinterest.com

6) Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

(c) pinterest.com

7)  Silfra, Iceland

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8) Ginnie Springs, Florida, USA

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9) Krk island, Croatia

(c) personal archive

10) Hanauma Bay, Hawaii

(c) vacayhack.com

Photo on preview: dailynewsdig.com

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