Book Lovers Paradise: 10 The Coolest Libraries In The World


If you love books, libraries are some of the most spectacular buildings in the world. Our Mashbox team created a list of 10 the most beautiful modern and old libraries for you. Have a look! 🙂

1) Clementinum – Prague, Czech Republic

(c) ccmailb

2) Royal Portuguese Reading Room – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

(c) Michael Klug

3)Trinity College Library – Dublin, Ireland


4) Library of Birmingham – Birmingham, England

(c) Images Of Birmingham

5) Austrian National Library – Vienna, Austria


6) Tianjin Binhai Library – Tianjin, China


7) Bodleian Library – Oxford University, England

(c)  Eric Nathan / Alamy

8) Stuttgart City Library – Stuttgart, Germany

(c) Landeshaupstadt Stuttgart

9) Abbey Library of Saint Gall – St. Gallen, Switzerland


10) Geisel Library at University of California, San Diego — San Diego, Calif.

(c) Mark Shimazu

Photo on preview:

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