10 Creative Inventions For Daily Life Which Will Impress You


There are many things which make our daily life easier. Nevertheless, even here there is a room for creativity. Have a look at all these simple and cool inventions! 🙂

1) Two Way Toothpaste

You will never have any problems with leftovers anymore 🙂

(c) variationsonnormal.com

2) Half Lit Lamp From Japan Hotel

If one wants to read and another one prefers sleeping, this lamp makes it completely possible 🙂

(c) bartholomew

3) Digital Counting Coin Bank

You will know how much you are actually saving.

(c) amazon.com

4)  Most Compact Lifestyle Sunglasses

These Hilx Unfold sunglasses won’t take too much space in the bag.

(c) kickstarter.com

5) Electric Portable Mini Iron

Perfect for travelling and will fit to any luggage.

(c) petagadget.com

6)  Nightlight with Portable Glowing Balls

One of lamps you can easily take with you in case of night toilet need.

(c) booninc.com

7) One Time Use Mini-Power

 The Mini Power is based on the Paper battery technology and is designed to be a much smaller volume portable charger. It has small capacity which is just enough for urgent use.

(c) yankodesign.com

8) Smart Bed

 Sleep Number Bed is the smartest bed in the world. It reacts to the human body temperature, turns on the heating and even has an alarm.

(c) sleepnumber.com

9)  Buckle-Free Easy Comfortable Belt

Your jeans are still up and buckle is not pushing tummy!

(c) amazon.com

10) Super Multifunctional Couch

It just has everything you need: working space, shelves, audiosystem and special lights 🙂

(c) imgur.com

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