10 Extraordinary Clothes and Accessories Which Will Be Noticed


Clothes and accessories are things we use on everyday basis. Here are 10 examples of cool (sometimes slightly weird) things which for sure won’t stay unnoticeable. Have a look! 🙂

1) Flash off/on

(c) ahrahtnamas

2) This “handy” collar


(c) ellefanning

3) For the unpredictable muse

(c) etsy.com

4) C – Comfort

(c) BeardedGenius

5) Who is there?

Bildergebnis für funny pregnant t shirts models

(c) pinterest.at

6) “Glasses” bow tie

(c) happinessisblog.com

7) Tricky print

Bildergebnis für spoof chest 3d

(c) aliexpress.com

8) Armbag

Is it a handbag? Nope, it's more like an armbag, and not the worst idea.

(c) lifebuzz.com

9) Hug Me

(c) Si Chan

10) Asymmetric glasses

(c) jmayerh.de

Preview: petapixel.com

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