10 Fantastic Furniture Pieces Created From Old Aircraft Parts


Ever thought of having at home a part of the sky? Here are 10 pieces of furniture created from old military and civilian aircraft parts. Our Mashbox team thinks this is a good example of functional art 🙂 Have a look!

1) Aviator Wing Desk

(c) hauteresidence.com

 2) Shower Jet Engine

(c) 3storymagazine.com

3) Titanium Rotor Mirror

(c) aeroartshopllc

4) Wing Desk

(c) eichholtz.com

5) Aero Furniture

(c) aeroartshopllc

6) Stratotanker Sink

(c) motoart.com

7) Jumbo 747 Sleeper

(c) motoart.com

8) BAE 147 Exhaust Lamp

(c) fallenfurniture.com

9) Jakobs Radial Aircraft Engine Table

(c) intrepid-design.co.uk

10) Mixer Tulip 737 Table

(c) bonhams.com

Source: boredpanda.com

Photo on preview: mototart.com


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