The Hidden Things: 10 Rare Photos Revealing The Unseen Side


Some ordinary things can show themselves from a very unexpected angle. Have a look at these 10 rare photos, which are revealing the hidden side of the usual things! 🙂


1) Space Shuttle Leaving Atmosphere

This Is A Photo NASA Took Of A Space Shuttle Leaving Our Atmosphere

(c) bucsboy246

2) Apartment or… Guitar from inside?

The Inside Of This Guitar Looks Like An Apartment I Can't Afford

(c) OsamaBinBob

3) Theater From Behind The Stage

Looking Into A Theatre From Behind The Stage

(c) kiaall

4) Underside Of A Lilly Pad

This Is What The Underside Of A Lilly Pad Looks Like


5) A Blue Whale’s Blowhole

Ever Wondered What A Blue Whale's Blowhole Looks Like?

(c) FrozenFoodGuy

6) The Top Of Everest

Ever Wonder What The Top Of Everest Looks Like?

(c) derschwigg

7) Pearls From Inside


(c) thegodofbigthings

8) Firework Shell

Firework Shell

(c) dittidot

9) World’s Largest Container Ship

World's Largest Container Ship

(c) marketowl

10) Cactus In Half

Cactus Cut In Half

(c) Scout6feetup


Preview: CreepyPhotoshopper

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