10 Interesting Facts About HARIBO


HARIBO is the most recognizable worldwide marmalade giant.  HARIBO is loved by children and adults for the GoldBears, marmelade in the form of cola bottles, hearts, fried eggs, rings,milk bottles and many many more. Today Mash team wants to share with you some interesting facts about those tasty bears 🙂

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In 1920, in Bonn, Germany Hans Riegel founded a confectionery company called HARIBO (an abbreviation of Hans Riegel, Bonn). In 1922, the world face the future success of HARIBO – Dancing Bear – fruit chewing bear. Later, Hans transferred the company to his sons, Hans and Paul. Over the years, HARIBO absorbed many confectionery items worldwide. Till today the company belongs to the Riegel family.

Here are some interesting facts about HARIBO:

1)They’re not called gummy bears.

They’re actually called Gold-Bears and they’re not actually gold, they come in five different colors. As it turns out, “gummibar” in German means “rubber bear”, so after 1967 they decided to change the name to something more “tasty”.

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2) They taste different in the USA.

In the USA, Gold-Bears actually have one fewer flavor than in Europe – apple one.  American green colored ones are strawberry flavor.Also they’re made by a different recipe so that the European variety has slightly more natural favorings.

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3) Riegel created all the slogans and commercials.

Riegel Jr. notoriously didn’t believe in ad agencies, and wrote the slogans (“Kids and grown-ups love it so – the happy world of Haribo”) and TV commercials himself.

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4) They have a vegetarian version.

Because of porky gelatin, Haribo basically isn’t vegetarian. But now there are gelatin-free Gold-Bears especially for the veggie and Muslim market.

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5) They named one of their gummy bears after Roosevelt.

In the ‘30s, they produced a line of “Teddy Bear” gummies named for Roosevelt, presumably because of his habit of eating actual bears.

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6) Ever wanted to try “an ass with ears”? HARIBO gives you this possibility.

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7)  The horse heart Daenerys eats in season one of Game of Thrones is (probably) made of gummy bears.

The Wiki Game of Thrones page  states that it was made from a “ gummy bear-like material”, which quite frankly sounds a lot like gummy bears.

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8) They make 100 million candies per day.

Riegel Jr. himself used to stand at the end of the Haribo conveyor belts “quality testing” bears, licorice, and cola bottles for hours at a time.

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9) They’ll soon have xylitol.
The hardworking scientists at Haribo are currently developing a gummy loaded with tooth-protective xylitol, meaning it’ll actually be good for the teeth and it’ll have vitamins in it.

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10) There are Gummy Bear boob implants.

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