10 Lovable Hamsters Which Can’t Wait To Make You Smile

Hamsters are one of the cutest pets you could possibly get ūüôā Here are 10 adorable babies ready to make you smile today! Our Mashbox team added a small video bonus for you in the end ūüėČ

1) I am sorry, here is only place for one!

(c) reddit.com

2) First, I will conquer this human and then the whole world!…

(c) khilendel

3) Oh, this divine smell!

(c) Julian Rad

4) Yes, I woke up like this!

(c) pinterest.at

5) My shelter

(c) Dee Mason

6) I am so sorry!

(c) Alex Art

7) Moooom, he is not sharing!!!

(c) Stacy D

8) Don’t even think to interrupt my dream!

(c) TH MT

9) Didn’t I mention my second personality is a frog?

(c) pyza

10) I wanna be a rock star!

(c) derek lang


How to make thin hamster?



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