10 Lovable Hamsters Which Can’t Wait To Make You Smile


Hamsters are one of the cutest pets you could possibly get 🙂 Here are 10 adorable babies ready to make you smile today! Our Mashbox team added a small video bonus for you in the end 😉

1) I am sorry, here is only place for one!

(c) reddit.com

2) First, I will conquer this human and then the whole world!…

(c) khilendel

3) Oh, this divine smell!

(c) Julian Rad

4) Yes, I woke up like this!

(c) pinterest.at

5) My shelter

(c) Dee Mason

6) I am so sorry!

(c) Alex Art

7) Moooom, he is not sharing!!!

(c) Stacy D

8) Don’t even think to interrupt my dream!

(c) TH MT

9) Didn’t I mention my second personality is a frog?

(c) pyza

10) I wanna be a rock star!

(c) derek lang


How to make thin hamster?

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