Greek Paradise: 10 Reasons Why Kos Island Is Worth A Visit


Kos, one of the largest islands of the Dodecanese complex is definitely the island that you will keep in your heart forever. The bright sun, crystal-clear waters, the all-inclusive resorts and unique monuments are making it a perfect vacation destination. Here are 10 reasons from our Mashbox team why it is worth a visit! ūüôā

1) The Medieval Allure 

The Castle of Neratzia in Kos town, a memoir of the Venetian era on the island, will definetely give you a feeling of a romantic time-traveller. The island also hosts a lot of beautiful old churches worth seeing.

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2) Golden Beaches

Endless miles of sandy beaches and clear waters that will please even the most demanding beachgoers. You can discover famous Kardamena or Tigaki beaches or check quiter spots as Kamila or Limnionas.

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3) Warm Climate

Dry hot summers and mild winters mean that you can enjoy the island most time of the year. Moreover, July is the sunniest month here, with no less than 14 hours of sunshine per day.

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4) Municipal Market

In the centre of the Kos Town there is a closed municipal market offering local products to the tourists. From mountain tea, to honey and sesame energy balls, here you can find various  souvenirs to bring back home for the ones who like healthy dieting.


5) Mountain Thermal Springs

In the location of Agios Fokas, there is a sea-pool with hot springs, known as the thermes.In this pool, hot water is usually ranging between 42C- 50C. According to studies, those waters have healing features for skin ailments cases.


6) Zia Traditional Village

Zia is a traditional Greek village. The idyllic location on the slopes of Mountain Dikeos offers some breathtaking views to the entire Kos island.


7) Fantastic Greek Food

Tzatziki,¬†Moussaka, Souvlaki… Big portions, tasty meat and vegetables ūüôā Greece has in general rich culinary traditions.¬†Traditional taverns offer traditional Greek dishes and steaks made from freshly-caught fish.


8) Bicycle Friendly Island

A cycling lane runs by¬†Zouroudi beach.¬†Another bicycle lane stretching¬†13k crosses the city and reaches¬†Psalidi¬†at one end and¬†Faros beach¬†at its other end. Bicycle¬†parking facilities¬†exist all over the island, including¬†beaches ūüôā

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9) The Hippocrates Tree in Kos Town

The Hippocrates plane tree is claimed to be the tree that Hippocrates used to sit under and teach his students. Nevertheless, the tree is only 500 years old and is obviously not the one that Hippocrates planted, but it’s still a popular tourist attraction and quite a sight.


10) Charming Sunset Spots

The sunsets from Asklipeio or spots like Pyli, Kefalos beach, Zia and others, are unparalleled for their beauty. They give you an incredible feeling of standing on the edge of an entire continent and watching the sun going down.



Photo on preview: Michail Patakos


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