10 Reasons Why Slovenia Is Worth A Visit


Slovenia is a small country with lots of hidden gems. You can find here various types of landscapes, authentic culture, delicious food and breathtaking views. Here are 10 reasons why Slovenia is worth a visit! 🙂 Have a look!


1) Diverse and beautiful landscape

One hour to the left – sun and sea, one hour to the right – mountains and snow 🙂 Choose your side!

(c) slovenia.info

2) Mysterious caves

In the underground of the country, thousands of caves are located, of which 22 are open to the public.

(c) National Geographic

3) Delicious honey 

Slovenia has over 8000 beekeepers and the honey is considered to be of great quality.

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4) Special wine

About 1% of the land is covered by vineyards and Slovenian wines are definitely worth tasting. Slovenia is also home to the oldest vine in the world, it has been producing grapes since the sixteenth century.

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5) The dragons

This fire-breathing mythical creature is the emblem of the country and a range of dragon sculptures are dotted around.

(c) Eric Anderson

6) Ljubljana

The capital’s historic city squares are pleasant collections of Baroque façades and medieval interiors.

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7) Lakes Bohinj and Bled

Absolutely breath-taking sceneries and you can even row a boat on the most beautiful lakes you’ve ever seen. 🙂

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8) Fascinating location

Have you ever seen two other countries from one coast? if you stand on the coast in Slovenia, you can look to your right and see Italy and to your left and see Croatia. 🙂

(c) hannatravels.com

9) Adventures on the Soča river

Water sports enthusiasts can raft or kayak on the crystal clear river Soča. For a little less courageous guests, Slovenia offers several adrenaline parks.

(с) udivitelno.com

10) Breath-taking castles

Slovenia is full of castles and fortresses. The number is over 100 🙂 Choose the one you like the most and drown yourself in medieval spirit!


(c) exploringtheearth.com

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