10 Reasons Why Budapest Is Worth A Visit


Budapest is the capital of Hungary and a paradise for the explorers. Our Mashbox team prepared for you a list of 10 reasons why Budapest is worth a visit ūüôā

1) Thermal baths

Especially in winter time, the hot outdoor swimming pool is impressive ūüôā

(c) budapestwinter.gotohungary.com

2) Delicious food and drinks for affordable price

Amazing goulash, langos, tokaji wine and delicious sweet backery k√ľrtŇĎskal√°cs… Just yammy! Oh, and of course tasty 1 euro¬†pizza!

(c) redcookbook.net

3) Top sightseeing views

For example, from the famous Fisherman’s Bastion. Breathtaking!

(c) jarp.tk

4) Historical background

The biggest Synagoge in Europe, the third largest Parlament building in the world…

(c) flickr.com

5) Ruin Pubs

 Ever thought of having a drink in the ruins of abandoned buildings or stores? We promise you an amazing experinece:)

(c) blog.zingarate.com

6) First underground line on the continent.

It has been operative since 1896, and is the oldest underground of continental Europe.

(c) reddit.com

7) Stunning bridges over the Danube

Crossing the bridges lets you see the city and the Danube from a different perspective,it is the connection between hilly Buda and flat Pest sides.

(c) gevinhu.devianart.com

8) Margaret Island

What about a relaxing sunny day on the former private playground of the habsburg monarchs?

(c) thecrowdedplanet.com

9) Insane music festivals

Booming music festival scenes! Especially in summer ūüôā

(c) travelettes.net

10)  Memento park

Here you can find statues from the Soviet era, which were removed after communism crash.

(c) careyyoung.com

Photo on preview: flickr.com

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