Small Thai Paradise: 10 Reasons Why Koh Samet Island Is Worth A Visit

There is a small paradise island in Thailand, Koh Samet. If you are looking for a place to relax and disconnect from the reality – this is exactly what you need. Here are 10 reasons based on the personal experience of our Mashbox team why the island is worth a visit ūüôā

1) Beautiful beaches

Variety of beaches for the sun lovers. Some are sandy and crowded, some are calm and hidden in the shadows of trees and some are rocky but still with cristal waters. Our team’s favourite one was Ao Tubtim ūüôā


2) Variety of Thai food

Chicken, noodles, seafood, rice and, of course, tasty spicy souces! Yammy ūüôā


3) Breathtaking sunsets

The best place to catch the last sun sparkles and to watch incredible sunset is the Ao Prao beach. Location is a little¬†isolated from the most popular ones, but it’s definetely worth a visit or few;)

(—Ā)¬†personal archive

4) Cheap motorbikes

Everyone on the island is moving around with motorbikes. They cost around 300 BHT (less than 8 EUR) per day and give you the possibility to be mobile and explore the city. But be careful: roads are far from the best, so most of isurance companies are not covering the risks associated with the motorbikes.

(c) personal archive

5) Green coconuts

Fresh green coconuts, which you can get all over the island for 50-80 BHT (1-2 EUR). Inside is very healthy and refreshing coconut water and you get a spoon to eat the tasty flesh.

(c) personal archive

6) Disconnection from the reality

We think no explanation needed ūüôā Even most of the restaurants and bars have WIFI, the island with its sandy beaches and green nature around makes you not wanting to use it a lot. Just full relaxation and recharging.


7) Fruits everywhere

Exotic fruits such as dragonfruit, durian or mangosteen are worth a try. Nevertheless, well-known pineapple, mango and watermelon are incredibly delicious.


8) Roti banana pancakes

Delicious desert which you can get on the streets or on the beach across the island. Different toppings are available ūüôā Our team chose the ones with nutella and fruit syrups ūüôā


9) Always good weather

An interesting fact about Koh Samet is that weather there is always good comparing to the other parts of Thailand even during the rain season. When¬†the forecast shows constant rains – they will most probably only appear during the night and won’t ruin your holiday.


10) It’s just incredibly amazing! ūüôā


Photo on preview: private archive




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