11 Reasons Why Valencia Is Worth A Visit


If you still didn’t choose your vacation destination, we have a great suggestion for you: VALENCIA! Here Mashbox team presents you 11 reasons why it’s worth a visit ūüôā

1) 300 sunny days

You have a chance to enjoy the sun and get a little colour for your skin.

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2) Delightful mediterranean kitchen

What about jamon, world-famous paella, fresh fish and seafood?…

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3)Beautiful gardens and national parks

Relaxing nature views all around is the best thing for soul recharging.

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4) Wineries

Worthiest white dessert and red wines to try!

(c) guidervalencia

5) Historical value

If you ever wondered where Holy Grail is, check Valencia Cathedral!

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6) Long sandy beaches

We believe it doesn’t need any comments. Just don’t forget the sunglasses on your way to Las Arenas or La Malvarossa!

(c) valenciabonita.es

7) Symbol of avant-garde

Check out the City of Arts and Sciences!

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8) Graffiti

Street art is quite popular in Valencia, so you can easily spend hours walking around old city and finding interesting pictures.

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9) Festival¬†of Fire “Las Fallas”

Famous holiday in the middle of March. ¬†Lots of fireworks, dances and happy mood… Are you ready?!:)

(c) news.nationalpost.com

10) L’Oceanogràfic and Bioparc

You have a chance to explore the heart of Africa or underwater world without even leaving Europe.

(c) Sebastian Grote

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11) Orange tours

Don’t forget to visit orange plantations! We guaranty you an incredible experience ūüôā

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Source: kp.ru, visitvalencia.com, nosviatores.com

Photo on preview: fairobserver.com

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