12 Tips How To Save Your Sofa From Furry Best Friends


Dogs like to get comfortable and are always looking for soft and cozy spots. But how to keep them off your favourite sofa, if you are not ready to share it? Here are 12 tips how to save your space from furry best friend 🙂 Have a look!

Provide alternatives: 


1) Get a comfy bed for your dog.

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2) Allow one piece of furniture to use.

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3) Train your pet with an incentive.

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4) Restrict access form the beginning.

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Make furniture less desirable:


5) Keep food away from furniture.

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6) Use cheap place mats and cover them in double-sided tape (it won’t harm, but will give sticky uncomfortable feeling).

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7) Put aluminium foil to make furniture loud and uncomfortable.

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8) Get a deterrent device, which shoots a blast of air at your pet if he crosses the motion sensor or gives a loud noise to scare the pet away.

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Use alternative strategies:


9) Teach your pet “off” command.

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10) Give more exercises.

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11) Use spray or cleaning products with smell of citrus or bitter apple.


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12) Confine your pet to a designated area.

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