10 Curious Facts About Funny Lemurs


Lemurs are incredibly cute and funny creatures 🙂 So today our Mashbox team wants to share with you 10 interesting facts about them.

1) The word Lemur is Latin and means spirits of the night.

(c) coolearth.org

2) The Lemur is a native of Madagascar. They are also found at Comoro Islands.

(c) pixabay.com

3) The smallest species of Lemur weights about 30 grams.

(c) amolife.com

4) Lemurs don’t see in color and they don’t have good vision overall.

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5) Females have dominance over the male Lemurs.

(c) pixabay.com

6) Lemur’s tail is longer than its body

(c) imgur.com

7) The largest Lemur species can weigh as much as 15 pounds.

(c) naturalworldsafaris.com

8) The Lemur is the primate that is the most different from humans.

(c) chirkup.me

9) There are nearly 100 species of lemurs.

(c) youtube.com

10) They have priceless mimics 🙂

(c) funnypica.com


Photo on preview: flickr.com

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