14 Useful Tips How To Prevent A Cold


Winter is the time of the year when it is super easy to catch a cold. Here are 3 ways how to prevent a cold or a flu. Have a look at the tips and share yours in comments 🙂

Pay attention to the good hygiene practices:

1) Wash your hands frequently.

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2) Cover your nose and mouth whenever you cough or sneeze.

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3) Try to avoid packed spaces.

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4) Desinfect shared spaces.

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5) Take good care of oral health.

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Boost your immune system:

6) Use vaccine.

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7) Try to avoid close contact with someone who already has cold.

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8) Use your own items such as cutlery and cups.

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9) Try alternative medicine such as herbs and vitamins.

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 Catch it early:

10) Stay hydrated.

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11) Try clear chicken soup.

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12) Avoid alcohol and cigarettes.

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13) Saltwater gargle for sore throat.

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14) Get enough rest.


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Our Mashbox team wishes you to stay healthy! 🙂

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