10 The Most Unique Houses In The World


Weird, extreme and incredible odd-shaped houses… Here is our Mashbox team selection of 10 most remarkable ones for us ūüôā

1) Transparent Glass House, Tokyo, Japan

(c) blueantstudio.blogspot.co.at

2) Star Trek Voyage House, Hinckley, Leicestershire

(c) bbc.co.uk

3) The Heliodome, Cosswiller, Eastern France

(c) earthtripper.com

4) The Toilet House, Suwon, South Korea

(c) news-wef-org

5) Flintstone Cave House, Malibu, California

(c) pinterest.com

6) The Worlds Thinnest Home, Warsaw, Poland

(c) greenprophet.com

7) The Cloud House, Melbourne, Australia

(c) lunchboxarchitect.com

8) Palais Bulles, Cannes, France

(c) parideo.com

9) Blue House, Klagenfurt, Austria

(c) flickr.com

10) The Seashell House, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

(c) airbnb.at

 Photo on preview: pinterest.com

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