15 Stunning Photos From Nikon Photomicrography Contest 2017


The Photomicrography Competition by Nikon’s Small World, which is now in its 43rd year, attracts doctors, scientists, and macro photography enthusiasts from all over the world.  Photomicrography is the practice of taking a photo through a microscope or similar device in order to capture the intricate details of things invisible to our eyes. Here are 15 stunning images our Mashbox team wants to share with you 🙂 Have a look!

1)  Immortalized Human Skin Cells Expressing Fluorescently Tagged Keratin, Amsterdam, 1st Place

(c) Dr. Bram van den Broek, Andriy Volkov, Dr. Kees Jalink, Dr. Reinhard Windoffer & Dr. Nicole Schwarz

2) Senecio Vulgaris Seed Head, Israel, 2nd Place

(c) Dr. Havi Sarfaty

3) Living Volvox Algae Releasing Its Daughter Colonies, Nantes, 3rd Place

(c) Jean-Marc Babalian

4)  The Head Of A Pork Tapeworm, New York, 4th Place

(c) Teresa Zgoda

5) Mold On A Tomato, Netanya, 5th Place

(c) Dean Lerman

6) Lily Pollen, Southampton, 6th Place

(c) Dr. David A. Johnston

7)  Individually Labeled Axons In An Embryonic Chick Ciliary Ganglion, Nagoya, 7th Place

(c) Dr. Ryo Egawa

8) Newborn Rat Cochlea With Sensory Hair Cells (Green) And Spiral Ganglion Neurons (Red), Bern, 8th Place

(c) Dr. Michael Perny

9) Growing Cartilage-Like Tissue In The Lab Using Bone Stem Cells (Collagen Fibers In Green And Fat Deposits In Red), Southampton, 9th Place

(c) Catarina Moura, Dr. Sumeet Mahajan, Dr. Richard Oreffo & Dr. Rahul Tare

10) Phyllobius Roboretanus (Weevil), Keszthely, 10th Place

(c) Dr. Csaba Pintér

11)  Jumping Spider, Istanbul, Honorable Mention

(c) Emre Can Alagöz

12) Asilidae (Rubber Fly) Eye Section, Abu Dhabi, Image Of Distinction

(c) Yousef Al Habshi

 13) Nsutite And Cacoxenite (Minerals), Madrid, Image Of Distinction

(c) Emilio Carabajal Márquez

14) Liquid Crystal, Colorado, Honorable Mention

(c) Michael Tuchband

15) Exaerete Frontalis From The Collections Of The Oxford University Museum Of Natural History, Ramsbury, 13th Place

(c) Levon Biss

Source: nikonsmallworld.com


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