Spice It Up: 8 Super Healthy Spices And Herbs For Your Cooking


Spices and herbs can not only make your dish more tasteful, but can also improve your health a lot. Here are 8 spices and herbs to keep handy in your spice rack. Have a look! 🙂

1) Turmeric

What it does: removes inflammation; detoxification and choleretic effect; powerful antioxidant; prevents type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

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2) Cinnamon

What it does: stabilizes blood sugar and cholesterol; antiseptic functions.

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3) Ginger

What it does: helps fight microorganisms; increases immunity; beneficial effect on digestion; a diaphoretic, expectorant, analgesic effect.

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4) Nutmeg

What it does: detoxifying properties; stimulating and tonic effect on the cardiovascular, nervous system.

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5) Rosemary

What it does: improves heart health and the cardiovascular system; calms down digestive system; enhance mental focus.

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6) Sage

What it does: preserves memory; soothes sore throats.

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7) Cayenne Pepper

What it does: cleansing effect; calms down digestive system.

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8) Saffron

What it does: depression treatment; prevents cancer; fights infections.

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