Cold Beauty: 10 Stunning Snowy Winter Scenes


Winter has its own cold beauty. We have reasons to love it  and at the same time to feel trapped with classic struggles. Nevertheless, the combination of snow and ice is a wonderful nature creation. Have a look at these 10 beautiful snowy winter scenes!


1) Magical Forest

(c) deep21

2) Brooklyn Bridge

Winter Photos

(c) Getty Images/EyeEm Premium

3) Cold Valley

(c) Hideyuki Katagiri

4) Japan

Japan Winter

(c) naagaoshi

5) Hallstatt, Austria

(c) Kire Hajba

6) Bled, Slovenia

Bildergebnis für bled winter


7) Mountains

(c) Margaret Netherwood

8) Snow Train

Snow Train, The Black Forest, Germany

(c) 99traveltips.cpm

9) The Joy

Ah, it's just beautiful simply beautiful., brown horse rolling in snow on back, a snow roller snowrollers,


10) Winter picnic



Preview: Kent Shiraishi

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