Famous Websites: From 0 to Millions of Users


We are all familiar with such famous websites as Facebook, YouTube and Google. Basically, we use them every day and it’s hard to imagine life without them now 🙂 But actually they did not always look the way we are used to know them now. Have a look below to see the changes 🙂


Above is an example of Facebook first entrance website. Also the first domain name was called thefacebook.com. Short historical review:


February: Launched as TheFacebook.com, limited only to Harvard students
March: Expanded to Stanford, Columbia and Yale
No photos, wall, news feed, events or pages yet
Facebook Reached 1M users


Purchased facebook.com domain for $200k. Below is the screenshot of previous website hosted on domain facebook.com.
Introduced Photos
September: High school version launched



– Friend Details (how you know your friends)
– High School and College Facebook Merged (Bellow on picture you can see Schoolers and Colleges added to the system)


– Redesigned Groups and Events
– Expanded to include work networks
– Facebook Mobile Texts
– My Messages Page launched
– Browse launched
– Mobile Photo Uploads
– My Photos page upgraded


– Search functionality added for former classmates and coworkers
– Global Groups and Events
– Facebook Development Platform Launched
– Facebook Notes
– Mobile Web

– News Feed and Mini-Feed launched
– New privacy controls
– Added spam prevention systems
– Opened to all 13 and up with valid email address
– Share links to articles, photos and videos
– Share Button
– News Feed Preferences
– Privacy controls for when you poke, message and add friends

December: Profile picture photo album, keeps history of your profile photos

We could keep on doing this, but our post would be infinitive, because in the beginning of year started to add hundreds of new functionalities.

An interesting fact is that Facebook didn’t forget about money resources in the early year 2004 when it was still under thefacebook.com domain – they enabled for Advertisers separated login where they could promote their products.

In June 2004, Mark was listed on “About” part of website as “Master and Commander” 🙂

That’s how user profile looked like in year 2004.


Below you can see how Youtube looked like in year 2005. To us it seems like they didn’t know if they should be dating or video sharing website. 🙂

Well… in 2 months (June 2005) they figured out that they might look like as Google does 🙂 Basically in the real beginning of YouTube, there was no video browsing option. You could just search for the videos.  

Big change, Youtube introduced the video listing, channels, categories and many other features as you can see below.


This is how Google looked like at the real beginning. In 1997 they changed their look and it was very similar to current view of google. They didn’t change their simple and clean design through the years a lot.

Well.. at that time they had regular opening hours from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm PST. We believe that today they can not afford such opening hours with such a huge amount of users and services they offer. 🙂

Do you see any major changes? 🙂 We do… 

Source: Wayback Machine

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