Fearless Photographers: 12 Marvelous Wedding Photos 2017


Fearless Awards is a curated competition which presents a stunning collection of top-class wedding photos every two months. Only few of the entries are selected by a panel of experienced judges. Here are 10 beautiful and emotional photos from 2017 compiled by our Mashbox team. For more, please visit fearlessphotographers.com 🙂

1) Sabina Mladin

(c) sabinamladin.ro

2) Eugene Michel

(c) Eugene Michel

3) David West

(c) David West

4) Steven Herrschaft

(c) Steven Herrschaft

5) Hendra Lesmana

(c) cheesenclick.com

6) Soven Amatya

(c) amatya.co.uk

7) Victor Lax

(c) victorlax.net

8) Antonino Gitto

(c) antoninogitto.com

9) Carlos Santana

(c) carlossantanafotografo.com

10) Pasquale Minniti

(c) photo-4u.it

11) Aaron Storry

(c) storry.co.uk

12) Maxime Faury

(c) maxomefaury.com

Source: fearlessphotographers.com

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