Georgia Fairytale: 10 Reasons Why This Country Is Worth A Visit

You are about to discover a country of diverse culture, rich history and unique artifacts. Here are 10 reasons from our Mashbox team why Georgia is worth a visit ūüôā

1)Tbilisi, The Capital

The¬†Old Tbilisi district and the Persian-style sulfur baths in turquoise mosaics are combined with unique art nouveau buildings and futuristic glass structures. Charming combination ūüôā


2) Incredible Wine

Georgia has one of the world’s oldest wine regions.¬†In 2003, archaeologists found evidence that Stone Age people were producing wine here up to 8,000 years ago. And it still tastes amazing!


3) Mysterious Cave Cities

The oldest is Uplitstsikhe, an ancient settlement that resembles a lunar landscape.


4) Acient Churches

Georgia adopted Christianity back in 324 AD and the country is full of spectacular churches and cathedrals in incredible locations. Astonishing views are promised! ūüôā


5) It’s Home for Tasty¬†Food

Khachapuri adjaruli, churchkhela, khinkali…¬†Even the most sophisticated gourmet can not deny eating of these fine dishes!


6) Variable Nature

Georgia is a country that is famous for its natural beauties.In few hours of travelling you can see the sea and mountains with snow cover, and stormy rivers with waterfalls. Breathtaking ūüôā



7) Batumi Botanical Garden

It overlooks the Black Sea and is one the largest and richest botanical gardens in the world. Located 9km north of Batumi at Mtsvane Kontskhi (Green Cape), it contains thousands of beautiful species of plants.


8) Budget Friendly Country

A budget friendly destination. Hotels and food cost way lesss comparing to many European destinations.


9) Hospitality of People

Georgians are very hospitable people. If you are lucky enough to visit a Georgian home, no matter how humble or how rich, you will be treated like a king.


10) Mineral waters and spas

Georgia has an abundance of mineral springs all over the country. As soon as you arrive you should really try a bottle of salty Borjomi ‚Äď a local‚Äôs hangover cure.



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