Long Exposure Photography: 10 Crazy Stunning Shots


Long exposure can completly change the ordinary view of the scene.The intent of this photography style is to create an image that highlights the effect of passing time. Here are 10 examples of the craziest long exposure shots ever from our Mashbox team!

1) Vanishing Tram

(c) reddit.com

2) Mysterious Fireworks

(c) reddit.com

3) Canoe Rainbow

(c) motionexposure.com

4) Helicopter Landing

(c) Andreas Feininger

5) Bugs Under Street Lamp

(c) reddit.com

6) Rotating Carousel

(c) Yewbert

7) Plane Take Off

(c) Hilltopchill

8) Milky Way

(c) sassephoto.com

9) “Merry Go Round”

(c) Sergei Kalinin

10) Smooth Escalator

(c) Rasmussen


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