Long Haul Flights: 10 Useful Tips To Make It More Pleasant and Easy


Long haul flights do not have to be always an uncomfortable experience ūüôā Here are 10 useful tips how to make it more pleasant and easy!

1) Choose food wisely

Choose carb-rich foods such as spaghetti, whole grain bread, and oatmeal to make it easier to cope with jet lag.

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2) Stay hydrated

Drink, drink, drink… water.

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3) Drink green tea instead of coffee

Caffeine will keep you up, dehydrate and make you irritable, so that’s not what you need.

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4) Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing

Forget about fancy dresses and just make yourself cosy for these hours.

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5) Bring a neck pillow and an eye mask

Your neck will thank you! And eye mask will mentally prepare you for sleep.

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6) Bring your own entertainment

Books, magazines, games, movies… Make sure you have something to do, especially during take off and landing, when it is not possible to use electronical gadjets.

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7)¬†Sit by the plane’s wing

Experts¬†claim that¬†plane’s wing experience less turbulence, since they’re closer to the plane’s center of gravity.

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8) Wear closed-toed shoes

In the case of an emergency,¬†closed-toed shoes are your safest bet. There could be fire, debris, or shards of glass. ¬†But we hope you won’t experience this, of course.

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9) Do some in-seat exercises

Some stretching would be useful for the body. 3-4 minutes per hour. Some companies even have a list of suggested exercises.

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10) Charge all of your devices and bring an extra power pack

While¬†you’re waiting, you’re probably playing games, texting, or checking weather, traffic, or delays and etc. Make sure you have charged your device and don’t forget about extra power block.

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11) Window seat

A window seat not only gives you a nice, solid wall to rest your head on for a more comfortable nap, but also means you won’t be disturbed by people passing by to the restrooms or by beveredge carts.Plus, you can get a nice view ūüôā

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Source: businessinsider.de

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