Can You Guess What This Delicious Food Is Made Of?

Food time! Did the preview photo make you hungry? Our Mashbox team believes it did, but don’t get fooled! It is not eatable ūüôā Rochelle Javier is a Filipino artist who makes soap look like real savory food and desserts. Her work is hand carved, piped and hand painted. Have a look and go grab a snack from the fridge ūüôā

1) Lamb Chop Soap Art With Soap Peas And Soap Asparagus

2) Buffalo Wing Soap Art

3) Peaches And Cream Soap Pie

4)  Blueberry Soap Pie

5) Mixed Fruit Soap Tart

6) Savoury Shrimp Soap Art

7) Strawberries And Cream Soap Pie

8) Stuffed Lobster Tail Soap Art

9) Loaded Potato Soap Art

10) Mushroom Cheeseburger Soap Art

Source: boredpanda



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