Basic Principles of Reality Transurfing

What is Reality Transurfing?

Reality transurfing is an esoteric doctrine being published by Vadim Zeland since 2004. It suggests an idea of multivariant reality where events happen in an infinite number of spaces at the same time. The author describes this doctrine as a technique of moving from one “branch” of reality to another due to the concentration of energy of thoughts on a certain variant. As the author claims, the teaching’s practical sense is the ability to choose freely a variant of reality at will by establishing conscious control over one’s intentions and attitude to the world.


Basic Principles: 

Our team became really interested in this topic and here we present you the Basic Principles of Reality Transurfing. 

  1. The mind interprets information using a collection of wellestablished labels.
  2. The soul doesn’t think and doesn’t speak, but it feels and knows.
  3. The mind is only able to create a relatively new version of a house made out of old bricks.
  4.  Entirely new discoveries come from unrealized sectors.
  5. The soul serves as a mediator between entirely new information and the mind.
  6. The soul accepts unrealized information as knowledge without interpretations.
  7. If the mind is successful in interpreting the soul’s  information, a discovery is made.
  8. The mind is capable of unambiguously determining the  state of inner comfort.
  9. Train yourself to pay attention to inner comfort.
  10. Having refused importance, you will get the freedom to  choose your destiny.
  11. Freedom of choice allows you to stop asking, stop  demanding, and to stop struggling. It allows you to go and take whatever you want.
  12. The structure of information is arranged into chains of  cause and effect links.
  13. Cause and effect links give rise to the flow of variations.
  14. The paths of least resistance are arranged into separate streams.
  15. Streams in the flow of variations already have in  themselves the solutions to all problems.
  16. Internal and external importance throws the mind out of  the optimal stream.
  17. It is the mind, which leads you to a waterfall, and not the  streams in the flow of variations.
  18. Everything is a lot easier than it seems. Give in to this  simplicity.
  19. It is not the omen that works, but your attitude to it.
  20. Guiding signs point at possible turns in the flow of  variations.
  21. Life tracks differ qualitatively from one another.
  22. Signs put us on alert, because they appear during a transfer to another life track.
  23. Signs can be distinguished by their ability to create a sensation that something is not quite right.
  24. Spontaneous phrases can be perceived as clear instructions, which you may act on.
  25. The condition of inner discomfort is a clear sign.
  26. If you have to talk yourself into something, it means the soul is saying “no.”
  27. If you have the possibility to refuse an uncomfortable decision refuse it.
  28. It’s necessary to loosen the grip and accept unforeseen events in your script.
  29. Importance gets in the way of your accepting the possibility of deviations in your script.
  30. The mind strives to control, not its own movement along the flow, but the flow itself.
  31. Move the center of gravity from control to observation.
  32. Having relinquished control, you will get real control over a situation.
  33. If you move along the flow of variations, the world will come out to greet you.

Based on: slidesharezelands.comWikipedia

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