Reflective Photography: 11 Astonishing Artworks


Reflective photos can show our world from a completely new angle. Here is our Mashbox selection of 11 the most stunning ones 🙂

1) New York

(c) trey ratcliff

2) Lake Michigan

(c) Mark Hersch

3) Vesturhorn Mountain

(c) Eddie 11uisma

4) La Defense Reflections in Paris

(c) Daniel Garcia

5) Rain

(c) David Marcu

6) Silence


7) Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia


8) Sky in glass


9) Water monster

(c) Thaib Chaidar

10) Milan in a tuba

(c) diego bardone

11) Puddle

(c) michael pistono

Photo on preview: laura halsey

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