Sleepy Afternoon: 8 Ways To Boost Your Energy

Probably everyone knows that feeling when during the day you start yawning, feeling sleepy and lazy. Here are 8 ways to boost your energy in the afternoon and feel active and refreshed. Have a look 🙂

1) Put on some music.

A faster beat will help you to wake up. 🙂



2) Grab a healthy snack. 

Carrots, low-fat greek yogurt or a piece of dark chocolate will boost your energy.



3) Get a cup of tea or coffee.

Caffeine is a great stimulant, but when used in moderate amounts.



4) Wash face with cold water.

It helps to refresh and to be more alert.


cold water


5) Stretch and breath.

Neck rolls, side stretches and even seated twists will be helpful 🙂



6) Take a social break.

It will take your mind off stress and feel more awake.



7) Go for a walk.

Fresh air will give a boost of energy as well as some exercises.



8) Take a power nap.

15-20 minutes nap will be enough to improve your attentiveness and will help to stay focused for the rest of the day.



Source: wikihow




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