Squirrels Invasion: 10 Photos Of These Adorable Creatures


Squirrels are smart and cute. And here is the proof in 10 photos 🙂 Our Mashbox team finds them adorable!

1) So tiring day!

(c) slumberwise.com

2) I am cute and I can fly!

(c) 500px.com

3) Ginger invasion

(c) Vitaliy Bondar

4) Mama

(c) pensivesquirrel.wordpress.com

5) Oh, God of squirrels, send me more nuts!

(c) Martin Patten

6) Love kiss

(c) Raymond Lee

7) I am not fat, I am fluffy!

(c) reddit.com

8) So, tell me more…

(c) Milena Posteeva

9) Nap time

(c) imgur.com

10) Run, run. run. run. run!

(c) Ken Yuel

Photo on preview: iron ammonite

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