The Most Marvellous Bars In The World

No matter what your favourite drink is, just imagine having it in one of these bars ūüôā

The Clinic Bar, Singapore

Medical themed bar and eatery in the heart of Singapore‚Äôs Clarke Quay district takes pharmacopoeia to new levels: the IV cocktail drips, pill shaped food and the Damien Hirst art hanging everywhere. Probably, feels a bit more like a theme party, than high dining ūüôā


HR Giger Bar, Switzerland

This Bar was created by Swiss artist H. R. Giger and is presented as a work of art, an original and completely unique experience. The ceiling, walls, floors, fittings, tables and chairs are all shaped in the style of his acclaimed ‚ÄėAlien‚Äô biomechanical environment and character designs. The experience of visiting this place is incredible, tempting and inspiring.


Red Sea Bar, Eilat,  Israel

This restaurant and bar is located 16 feet below the surface of the Red Sea. The plexiglass windows give you a gorgeous view of surrounding fish, coral, and other sea creatures, which you can enjoy while having your dinner.


Joben Bistro, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

A peculiar pub that takes visitors back in time with a steampunk design inspired by Jules Verne’s fictional stories.


Alux Caverna Lounge, Mexico

Alux is the largest cave bar in the world. The cave system, which is over 18,000 years old is elegantly light by hundreds of candles. It has magnificent flowstones and stalactites dominate the walls of the various chambers, which creating an incredible mysterious atmosphere.


Ozone Bar, Hong Kong, China

Crowning the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong hotel, the cocktail bar located on the 118th floor of the ICC tower and, at 1,608ft above sea level. It is considered to be the highest bar in the world.


The Rock Bar, Bali, Indonesia

Rock Bar Bali widely respected as one of the globe’s most popular sunset, cocktail and entertainment venues.  For security reasons, no backpacks or oversized bags are allowed at Rock Bar.


Bicycle Bar, Bucharest, Romania

Themed bar in Bucharest. Yes, it’s made out of all kinds of bicycle parts. So if you have an old one, maybe they can create some decorations out of it:)


Banka Bar, Kiev, Ukraine

Everything in this bar served in ‚Äěbankas‚Äú, which in Ukrainian language means ‚Äěsmall jars‚Äú. The place has unique range of cocktails, where the most interesting part is the way of consumption. For example, while drinking one of the cocktails, you have to put on a construction helmet and be hit with a bat.


The Artesian Bar, London, Great Britain

The chic and glamorous bar, Artesian, bestowed with the coveted “World’s Best Bar” accolade, conjures up classic and innovative cocktails. Ideal place for the ones ¬†who love combining extraordinary things and high class elements.



Photo on preview: pinterest



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