True Beauty Of Architecture In Vertical Panoramas By Andrea Facco


Andrea Facco is an Italian professional photographer. He specializes in portraiture, architecture and landscape photography. He made a series of photos of beautiful spaces using Panorama Technique to show their true beauty. Our Mashbox team liked them a lot! Have a look 🙂

1) Sagrada Familia – Barcelona, Spain

2) Church of Our Lady Assumption and Holy Zita – Genoa, Italy

3) Vittorio Emanuele Gallery – Milan, Italy

4) San Lorenzo Cathedral – Genoa, Italy

5) Red Palace – Genoa, Italy

6) Madama Palace – Tourin, Italy

7) Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno – Genoa, Italy

8) Banchi Square – Genoa, Italy

9) Bocconi University – Genoa, Italy

10) Mazzini Gallery – Genoa, Italy


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