Unexpected Art: 12 Amazing Examples


Art is always around us and quite often it is completely unexpected. Here are 12 examples when super ordinary objects suddenly become pieces of art 🙂 Have a look!

1) After a snowy night

(c) Greien218

2) Window reflection

(c) i.redd.it

3) A “bird” from a rock break

(c) AshlynnMartell

4) Sunset reflection in broken mirror

(c) sivribiber

5) Dropped water

(c)  Roccobot

6) New world

(c) teton_blamer

7) Mountain

(c) reddit

8) Just an aerial view


(c) Simmo5150

9) Bubbles in a shampoo bottle

(c) ScrippyTrips

10) Morning frost

(c) Kvapil

11) Painting mix

(c) TJAH

12) Black paint deer

(c) tommysutro

Preview: Beard_of_the_Sith

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