Winter Magic: 10 Reasons To Love This Season


“Brace yourself, winter is coming!” – a quote familiar to all GoT fans 🙂 Some of us like winter, some don’t. But today is the first day of winter and our Mashbox team would like to share with you 10 reasons to love this season! Have a look 🙂

1) Hot punch and mulled wine

That amazing smell of spices 🙂

Bildergebnis für gluhwein


2) Christmas markets

Beautiful lights, magical atmosphere and tasty fresh gingerbread bakery…

Bildergebnis für christmas market


3) Let it snow, let it snow!..

First snow is always a special moment 🙂

Bildergebnis für first snow


4) Ski and snowboard trips

A weekend away with your beloved ones with lots of fun and snow.

Bildergebnis für ski and snowboard


5) Holidays around the corner

Christmas, New Year’s Eve… gathering time and presents time! 🙂

Bildergebnis für family christmas tree


6) Warm socks and cozy blankets

Snuggling, cuddling, enjoying the sweet time at home with no need to go out.

Bildergebnis für christmas socks fun


7) Christmas movies

Time to re-watch childhood favorites 🙂 From whatever country you come from, there is always a bench of movies you have strong association with winter holidays time.

Bildergebnis für christmas movies


8) Fresh winter air

Remember that feeling when you open the window or step out and making that first breath? 🙂

Bildergebnis für fresh winter air


9) Ice-skating

Another beautiful attribute of the snow season 🙂

Bildergebnis für ice skating vienna


10) No mosquitoes

This just doesn’t need any comments! 😀

Bildergebnis für no mosquitoes


Photo on preview:

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